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  1. If the total number of applicants exceeds the maximum licensed quota of the Centre, the admission will be allocated by drawing lots.
  2. Tuition fee for Chinese classes is to be paid on a quarterly basis. Tuition fee will be charged monthly if the child is departed from the Centre between July and September. Midway admission for Chinese-class tuition fee is calculated on a pro-rata basis from the day of admission till the end of the quarter, while that for English class will be calculated on a monthly basis.
  3. Within an academic year (from September to August of the following year), each child could apply for suspension once in a month whilst half-month tuition fee is required. If the suspension period is over a month, parents can apply for retention with a non-refundable reservation fee (a full month tuition fee of the following month).
  4. Full-day childcare tuition fee includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, nursery materials and birthday parties; half-day (morning class) childcare tuition fee includes lunch and material fee; half-day (afternoon class) childcare tuition fee includes afternoon snacks and material fee. If children from half-day childcare would like to join the monthly birthday party, prior registration and fee settlement are required 3 days in advance of the event. In addition, nursery admission application administration fee and graduation trip expenses are excluded from the abovesaid tuition fee.
  5. Methods of payment:
    A. Credit card / UnionPay
    B. Bank transfer – ICBC bank account
       i. Account Name: “CRECHE SIO TAI IEONG TIN TEI”
       ii. Account Number: 011-9100-2000-0524-6693
    Please provide the transfer receipt with the child’s name and the name of the class printed to us.
  6. Parents should fulfill the payment of monthly/quarterly tuition fee by the first day of the month. The Centre reserves the rights to cease services in any case of late or due payment.
  7. Changing from full-month childcare to half-month childcare will not be granted if the payment has been settled. For changing from half-month to full-month, parents is advised to approach the reception for availability and various payment settlement.
  8. Nursery admission application fee serves as administration related purposes. The fee is non-refundable regardless the admission is successful or rejected. Reservation fee and tuition fee are also non-refundable.
  9. Neither refund nor compensation will be granted for any absence and leave. Payment of tuition fee should be settled on time or will be deemed as withdrawal of the placement.
  10. For any withdrawal or dropout, parents may either approach the Centre in person or apply in written form 15 days in advance. The Centre will not refund for any received payments (including monthly tuition fee, remaining monthly tuition fee), non-fixed fee and any additional fee.

Remarks: Sun Child Care Centre reserves the right of final explanation and decision.